Our Story

Whether it's a 30-second Commercial, a 30-minute Television Program, a Corporate Identity Web Video for your business, or simply documenting a Life Event, We're Ready To Go To Work For You!

At Key Video, our team is laser focused on telling your story through a cinematic style and approach. This is at the heart of where every campaign starts. Add to that compelling and persuasive content, written and directed by the best in the industry, you can be sure that your story will be conveyed in an effective way that is guaranteed to produce results.

Our Corporate Headquarters are located in Buffalo NY where we have been a major part of local and regional businesses and individual video production needs since 1985. This is our base of operations, but often travel all across the country when the job calls for it.


Video Production Studios in Buffalo, NY and Tampa, FL

We have a production facility in Tampa Bay, Florida as well. The Bay area business market has been booming over the past decade and Key Video has played an integral role in helping businesses across many industries market their brand and messaging with a well crafted video campaign.

Our highly experienced team will guide you through the entire process from script development and cinematography to editing. Key Video Productions provides the highest quality work in our market and we'll work within your budget.